NAV Sweden

The in-person contingent of this year’s hybrid online/in-person conference will be hosted at NAV Sweden, a pioneering event space dedicated to cross-border interactions and society's common challenges.

A cozy and forward-looking event space, NAV has generously accepted our offer to help us run this year’s unique hybrid event, and ensure that both online and in-person presentations are broadcast flawlessy in real-time.

Located in scenic Nacka Strand, NAV boasts a variety of nearby hotels and eating places for the comfort and enjoyment of our in-person presenters.

NAV Sweden,

Uppfinnargränd 7

131 60 Nacka


Up to the moment info on Sweden's entry and travel restrictions may be found here:


There’s a new hotel name Hotel Tapetfabriken that is approximately 1200 meters from the NAV venue, a beautiful 10-15 min walk by the lake Järla Sjö:

You can also choose bus transportation every 5 minutes.

Another hotel option is Quality Hotel Nacka, which is only 200 meters from the Hotel Tapetfaberiken:

Both hotels are located at Sickla--an old industry area--approximately 10 minutes by bus or taxi from the center of Stockholm.